The Volta45 selections vol. 3

Another mix after a long time, this time we explore the enigmatic afro manding sound. Featured on here are two incredible bands from Mali – Le Kene Star de Sikasso from and the legendary Orchestre Régionale de Mopti fronted by Sory Bamba.

Gambari what a track – Manding bewitching mysteries and Bambara angel ‘s tales. It gets funky with Francis Koffi Kingsley’s Assalamaleikum Africa. Also on here is all round musician Bai Janha of the legendary Ifang Bondi.

This time he is with Karantamba. In a short this collection of propulsive groovy tracks that need little time to allow the near transcendental repetition style of rhythm favoured by West African Sub-Saharan Islamic bands to fully hypnotise.