Press Release: The Scorpios album release

Label: AFRO7

Release date: 6 March 2017

Band name: The Scorpios

# AFR7-LP-02 Conditions: 1xCD, 1xLP, Digital Download Coupon, 12″ VINYL, Limited, Sealed

Categories: AFRO7 Records, Sudan


The GoldenStool Project and AFRO7 are proud to announce the debut release of the self-titled album of The Scorpios. The Album is out March 6th.

Hailing from Khartoum; Central Sudan and signed to AFRO7 record label; The Scorpios now call London home after fleeing the fundamentalist takeover in that region. This unique 10-piece band encapsulates the hypnotic sounds that have emerged from this region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Fronted by a gracious female singer whose raw yet compelling vocals is driven by an incredibly tight rhythm and horn section to create trance inducing Sonics. Sudanese tradition coalesce with Arabic rhythms and blaze of psychedelic guitars. Multi voice harmonies and handclapped percussion that seamlessly melds Middle Eastern jazz and gritty funk.

The Scorpios accurately dismantle cultural musical barriers in pursuit of a unifying rhythmic bliss. Heavy bass, synthesizers, horns and percussions drive through traditional Sudanese forms to create a sound that reechoes the golden era of great music in Khartoum.

Upcoming UK / European dates:
10 June – Festival Ghent, Belgium
23 June – CafĂ© Otto, London
21 July – Brussels, Belgium

Management Contact:
Bernard Johnson-Tackie