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The Doin’ our own Thing (#DOOT) parties have been on standby due to the state of events we all know in 2020.

The show must go on nonetheless.

We have a livestream series of five episodes called Highlife Music Deconstructed (#HMDSeries). Episode 1 aired on the 20/09, episode 2 on 11/10 with episode 3 coming 01/11, chronicling Ghana’s iconic sound from the 1900s to its current form.

As you participated in the Doin’ our own Thing (#DOOT) with us and thank you for supporting, please feel free to join us (MisBeee Writes of Akadi Magazine, The GoldenStool Project, Epytion) for an edutainment session with Highlife Music Deconstructed (#HMDSeries).

We hope all are well, beloved safe and rest in peace to the passed.