Interview: Ebo Taylor by Volta45

volta45-in-carVolta45: This is Volta45 for the Golden Stool Project and I am with the maestro himself Mr Ebo Taylor in Saltpond, Ghana. I am actually sat in his backyard garden with an incredible view of the ocean and hills of Saltpond behind us.

Mr Ebo Taylor, thank you very much for having me in your lovely back yard.  Shall I say it is totally different from the last time I met you when we were in London when you headlined a show for TGSP & Afropalace Live Sessions

Ebo Taylor: That was so business-like but it was a beautiful show, it was absolutely an incredible show and I think people are still talking about it as we speak. Continue reading

The Volta45 selections vol. 2

Another mix of many to come – as heavy as it gets. Featuring on here are 2 of Nigeria’s premier afrofunk bands; THE WINGS AND THE FUNKEES (Soundway records just re-issued an impressive back catalogue)

Also present is Sir Victor Uwaifo with his dancefloor quaking track Odiogbo(not sure why it has not been compiled yet). This mix showcases hard hitting funk with a very African edge. Also featured is the mythical NYAMEBEKYERE band from Ghana with the track tinitini – cosmic! Hope you enjoy/like and play it loud !! A groovy rare hilife mix coming soon!

PS – this mix was recorded from my vinyl collection the crackles and pops are part of the listening experience.